Qoya in DC : 12 Class Pass (6 Month Pass)


Qoya in DC : 12 Class Pass (6 Month Pass)


6 Month Pass (expires 6 months from date of purchase)
Paid in Advance for 12 Class Package :400
Paid in Advance Individual Classes : $40
Paid in Advance : Bring a Friend : $35 each  (Paying for Both)
Drop in Rate $50 Per Class
All purchases are nonrefundable and nontransferable



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The Creatrix Workshop 4 Pack purchase is to be used during the following classes:

Sunday, September 25th :: 6-9pm (root chakra)
Saturday, October 22nd :: 1-4pm (sacral chakra)
Sunday, November 6th :: 6-9pm (solar plexus chakra)
Saturday, December 3rd :: 1-4pm (heart chakra)

The classes can be transfered to another person, but they cannot be refunded.