WOC, Entrepreneur, Author, Creator, Wife, Mother, Early 30s

I've been on retreats with Amy that are day long retreats, a weekend away, and 7 days long in the mountains. And one thing is always for sure - you WILL NOT come back home the same person. It's almost impossible.

From the moment you step into your yes to be there, you're transported to another dimension where you can begin to bring up all of the pieces of you holding you back from doing all of the things you really desire. Whether its a relationship, a job, a friend - whatever. She calls in the most amazing women to experience retreat with, and you all journey together with raw but loving emotion and support. There are activities that you can't even fathom.

I never would've imagined that making a drum in a magical woman's backyard would activate something in me that would catapult a business I'd been too afraid to fully step into.

I never knew that I'd learn how to soften while still being strong. And Amy is clear that she is not the magician, its you. But her support, her energy, her spirit, and her unwavering giving nature is what makes it all even possible. She gives you 100x (and I'm not exaggerating) of your money's worth.

This isn't a luxury retreat where you sit around and fill out worksheets on the beach, go shopping, and come back home to your problems. This is you showing up in the most gorgeous accommodations, being held in a way that allows you to fall apart **and put yourself back together in a way that aligns with your truth.* Do yourself a favor and say yes* many retreats and spiritual experiences that I've been apart of, I've never experienced anything like this in my life.

Lobbyist, Legacy Leader, Late 40s

Amy’s retreats are life-changing. I have been on several of them – from one-day retreats, to week long retreats in Japan and California – and I can honestly say that I am a completely different person after attending them. After going on even one retreat, I became a more compassionate, more joyful and more spiritual person and my progress has continued after two more.

Before the retreats, I felt blocked by fear. I was afraid of being hopeful and of feeling real joy. I felt fear of being vulnerable and showing my true self in my friendships and romantic relationships. I shied away from big dreams and high hopes because I could only think about the downside or the potential for loss or hurt. Fear was ruling my life, and I couldn’t shake the sense that I wasn’t good enough and that I didn’t deserve to be truly happy or to receive real love.

That dynamic completely turned around for me and now I am optimistic and hopeful for the future. I have moved past playing small and now I am taking chances on new relationships and career paths. I can show my friends and colleagues who I really am. And I am comfortable (even excited by) asking for what I truly want from God and the universe and, most importantly, myself.

This is entirely due to the work I did on the retreats and the practices I learned and continued in my daily life after them.

In a circle of amazing women, I formed incredible bonds as we all explored separately and together our deepest hopes and fears. Many of us have remained close friends after the retreat ended. And at the same time, we visited wonderful places that will fed our soul and sense of adventure – we hiked mountains, swam in lakes, made drums, learned about pottery, and gave thanks at shrines and waterfalls.

If you have even a slight interest in a retreat with Amy – do it!!! Don’t wait. This retreat will transform you and give you the tools to manifest all the happiness and joy and abundance that you have ever dreamed of (even more!).

WOC, International Economist, Immigrant, Early 40s

I am one of the very few who have been lucky enough to attend all of Amy’s retreats to date. I have been a yes to Japan, Virginia, DC, and California. I’ve been working with Amy for over 3 and half years. Amy has been an incredible guide, teacher, friend, soul sister, mentor, healer…magic force in my life.

People would describe my life as very successful. I had close friends, was a very successful executive, traveled around the world – lived the life that makes people jealous on social media. However, I still had many stories that did not allow me to fully be present in my life and fully live my life. I approached these issues from a head space and tried reading all the books and doing all the things without seeing much changes. Intellectually I knew what I needed to do but the fears and the stories kept their reign on my life.

Amy walks her talk and bravely chooses to show up. She models vulnerability and is an example of the connection that results from it. She made me realize that I could be vulnerable, I could take space, and I could show up. In her relentless efforts of acceptance of me without any judgement but instead complete love – I felt seen. I felt safe enough to start slowly showing up and believing that behind the fear and the stories there was someone that was worth knowing. Someone that I wanted to get to know and that Amy seemed to see and love. Through her retreats, I have been able to access my true self and feel the power within me.

Things have radically shifted for me.

  • There is space to feel things – knowing that the negative feelings can be felt without losing myself in them.
  • There is space to surrender – knowing that I can’t control everything – actually I can’t really control anything or anyone.
  • There is comfort in the unknown – knowing that no matter what happens – I will be okay – I have got all I need within me.
  • There is space for making mistakes – knowing that perfection is just another way of feeling unworthy to actually show up and be seen and loved.
  • There is space for receiving love – knowing that I am worthy of love. There is space for believing that I am magic.
  • There is space for being in an equal energetic relationship – knowing that I am complete – I do not need to be saved by a partner (the most radical shift for me).
  • There is space for trusting myself – knowing that I can chose love instead of a fear based life. There is space for believing that I am divine.

I am so eternally grateful for Amy who has allowed me to blossom and find myself back home (to my true self). These retreats allow women who are on the same path, loving, supportive witnesses to their journey. I love these soul companions who have walk this path with me.

As I write this, I am going through one of the hardest (if not hardest) struggles I have ever been through. I can sincerely say that despite it being soul wrenching it has been filled with ease and grace. I have felt supported, guided and loved by the universe, by Amy and the tribe of ladies I have met through Amy’s retreat. I am trusting in myself, listening to my inner voice and releasing all the stories and patterns that no longer serve me. I don’t know what awaits but I know that I’ve got this!

I wholeheartedly recommend that you sign up for one of her retreats – you are worth it! We all deserve to shine our light, receive the blessings that are ours to receive and to brighten the world with our unique gifts.

Ex-Attorney, Mover & Shaker, Divorced, Early 30s

I am so grateful to have had the honor to work with Amy on multiple retreats over the past years, from DC to Japan to Virginia to California. All the experiences have been truly transformative.

My life looks radically different from when I first met Amy five years ago. I am starting to live anew, with a fresh start to life. As of the end of 2017, I am amicably divorced, starting a new career path following the great work of my life, and in the process of moving half way around the world.  And through all this change, I can honestly say I’ve never been happier and felt more connected. This exciting, aligned next stage in my journey originated from and has been supported every step along the way by retreat experiences with Amy.

I’ve undergone fundamental evolution and foundational shifts in how I approach life. In the past, change and transition terrified me, as I was so scared of the unknown and letting go of control. Through working with Amy, I’ve learned to embrace change and release trying to control situations and outcomes, instead trusting and allowing transitions to unfold with ease and grace.

The key has been feeling supported and held by the community created through Amy’s work. I’ve formed deeper friendships with the women I’ve met on retreat and through Amy than I ever thought imaginable. I am no longer living life as a lone wolf.

To do this,

  • I’m learning to put down my mask of perfection and “keeping it all together”, so I can practice real, open vulnerability with the friends I’ve made on this same journey.
  • I’m learning to ask for and receive help.
  • Perhaps most importantly, I’m learning to love myself, to feel worthy of love and belonging, and know that I am enough just as I am.
  • Through this work, I am now shining and bringing my light into the world, finding and following my dharma.

The retreats themselves offer once in a lifetime activities and experiences: from row boats in an incredible gorge formed by lava flow to a sweat lodge to drum making and ritual to bearing your soul with sisters around a bonfire, just to name a few.  

Amy pours her whole heart and soul into retreats, leading by example and holding space for all the participants to do the same. Amy is pure magic, as are the women she calls in to work with her and to facilitate retreats with her. I am overwhelmed with eternal gratitude. It has truly been an honor and a pleasure working with Amy and her circles of women. These experiences have been the catalyst for my new life that I’m so excited to be living.

Two Time Fulbright, Former Foreign Service Officer, Newly Engaged, Entreanpruenur, Early 40s

When I first found Amy, I was in a job I hated, felt insecure in all of my relationships, and felt that I would be alone for my entire life.  I didn’t see how it was possible for me to live the life I dreamed of…it just wasn’t going to be in the cards for me.  Building trust in my work with Amy took a lot of time, and it is always growing as she and the community of women she has cultivated continue to push me to the next level, to call me on my b.s., and to pick me up when times are hard.  I felt that I couldn’t afford to invest in myself, until I realized that I couldn’t afford not to…and really, what did I have to lose?  

At the Seven Oaks Retreat, I received the very powerful message “I belong”…in this world, in this life, at that retreat.  To hear those words spoken aloud to me brought tears to my eyes because it made me sad to realize that I had spent my life on the move, isolating myself from others…all because I felt like I would never truly belong anywhere, to anyone.  That’s a painful realization to have and then it feels silly because it seems so simple.  

Each leap of faith has paid off so many times over that I know longer question when I know the next activity or retreat is for me.   My big moments have come from so many places…from my 1:1 work, from dancing Qoya in the park across the street from my place of employment (soooo reluctantly), from coffee with a friend after a retreat.  Amy offers so many opportunities for women, and she does so because she truly believes in all of the women she works with, she wants you to live your fullest life and at some point, you believe that you can do it.

This work gave me the courage and power to finally follow my heart, leave my job, and put myself and my partner first!  I don’t really know what is around the corner for me, but what is beautiful about this moment of uncertainty is I feel free and at peace.  I have the tools to soothe my anxiety and a community of women who are committed to this work to support me as I become the next great iteration of myself.  Amy knows what you need to hear/do, when you need to hear/do it, and she is the best person to guide you through this process. Amy offers so many opportunities for women, and she does so because she truly believes in all of the women she works with, she wants you to live your fullest life and at some point, you believe that you can do it! You owe it to yourself to work with Amy and her community of fabulous women.  She delivers and it’s worth every penny you invest in yourself.


Introvert, Psychotherapist, Lover of the Outdoors, Creative, Partnered, Mid 30s

I have attended retreats with Amy in the US and internationally and they have been the catalyst for deep transformation, healing, growth and positive change in my life, work and relationships.  I have been blown away by how much deeper my own transformation has been able to go by being seen, held and connected in meaningful ways in a group of women (and as an introvert and private person I thought groups weren't for me).

Amy is real, transparent, honest, human and demonstrates beautiful vulnerability with boundaries.  She does not place herself on a pedestal, claim to be you guru or savior, or lead by shaming.  Amy fully owns and respects her own power and also fully sees and honors your power and invites, encourage and supports you to step fully into it. 

Amy saw within me, my gifts, magic, power and authentic self and mirrored it back so that I could see it for myself and begin to step into it. Amy has a gift for seeing and loving people for their true authentic selves. 

On these retreats, I have done some of the deepest work of my life while also forming authentic and deep connections with other women that I never knew were possible before.  The releasing, healing, learning, opening and shifting is profoundly deep and so is the nourishment, laughter, connection, magic and joy. 

These retreats are the real deal, and the retreats themselves are really just the beginning of the transformation that will continue to unfold for months and years afterwards.

These retreats have catalyzed me into making big shifts in showing up fully as my authentic self and living my life in alignment with my deepest truth and desires.

These shifts have shown up in my career, relationships, home, body, and beyond. I am honoring myself like I have never done before and living from a place of trust rather than fear.