Hello there, 

I am an inclusive ally for women to heal their hearts, which enables them to do their sacred work to transform & heal the world. My sacred work is to catalyze transformation.  I guide women how to get back into their bodies to be able to shift what is possible for them. I am able to see endless possibilities for them & the concrete steps they need to make that into a reality. I'm called to offer this work in Washington, DC because of the increasingly divisive political climate.

My clients are successful intersectional women, who work in diplomacy, federal government, multilateral institutions, or private companies. These women have tried & read everything, yet they continue to have the same fears & reenact the same behaviors, which keep them stuck & disconnected from their lives. I clear trauma blocks & lineage epigenetic patterns.  My work creates concrete, transformational changes.

My business model is unique. Many people offer either therapy or retreats with women, but I offer a blend of both with a psycho-spiritual lens. I create long-lasting transformation that exponentially grows after someone works with me. 

I walk my talk.  I am trained as an art therapist, psychotherapist, & consultant for The Daring Way ™ with a thriving private practice in DC. Over 18 years, I have worked with over 10,000 clients & led over 40 retreats internationally. I am also a Qoya teacher, mindfulness expert & tantric coach.  

Are you called to change the world with me as Guide?

You want a guide, tools & techniques.  You may even be in therapy or have a coach.  It still isn't happening.  You have clearly checked all of the boxes, and you still aren't getting what you want or desire.  

I am a therapist who has had and continues to be on the path of living into the fullest iterations of myself.  

I work with women who don't know where to go or how to continue on this path after they feel that they have done it all.  

You have continued to read, listen, meditate, and practice.  
You are hungry to know the answers.

  • What am I meant to do in the world and feel fulfilled?

  • What is my true work in the world (aka : when I leave this job, what kind of work will really fill me up and allow me to live really well)?

  • How do I fall back in love with my person, or how do I even find my person?

  • What questions should I be asking?

  • What should I be seeking?

  • How will I know?

If you are feeling lost in any of this, I can help you to find  your way.

I'm Amy.  Your guide, teacher, witness, and mentor...

Every woman I know sees and realizes that she plays small.  Myself included.  This is part of the Lone Wolf in us.  She keeps us away from the pack because we don't want to live small.  She keeps us in front of the pack because we are exceptional and fear we are too much ________ or not enough _________.  

You created the Lone Wolf that keeps you small long ago.  

I bring women to amazing spaces all over the world to let go of the lone wolf, find what they are looking for, and be guided into the next iteration of themselves and their lives with clarity and a plan.

Upcoming Retreats include :
Aso, Japan November 2019.
3 Year Program starting in May 2019.

  • I am an trained as art therapist and psychotherapist and a consultant for The Daring Way ™ with a thriving private practice in Washington, DC with a cozy fire place.

  • I have worked with clients internationally for 17 years

  • I have led over 40 retreats with women all over the world

  • I am a Qoya teacher: offering classes and workshops in DC & beyond...

  • I am trained as a tantric coach (breath work, meditation practices, jade eggs.... but I never put hands on clients & we are always fully clothed).

My Invitation to You in Our Work & Play Together

  • See your light (gifts, power, love, or magic) that everyone sees in you, but you can't seem to see or own yourself

  • Dislodge the parts of you that are entrenched in living, believing, and continuing to repeat the same stuff that really doesn't work or serve you or your highest good.

  • Release living small (yes, even if you turned down Harvard, you can live small).  You don't need to have a plan, know why or how, or have any steps or excel spreadsheet. 

  • Shattering the glass ceiling that your ego has created for you (because really, she made it to to protect you) and to dreaming bigger than anything your ego can currently imagine.  

  • Joy, Celebration, Pleasure, Ease, Effortlessness, or Miracles aren't in your current repertoire, but you'd like to know what they feel like or how to have more.

I believe that you and everyone is whole and complete, just as you are.  Nothing is broken....and you're not doing it wrong.  I will teach you how to embody, know, speak, live, express, and create your authentic truth.  

It is the biggest honor of my life to do this sacred work of helping women to live, love and lead from their Truth.  

I deeply trust that there is a guide, teacher, healer, or therapist for everyone.  Thank you to the part of you that brought you here.  She knows that you have so much more to live, love, give, receive, savor, desire, travel, and explore in this life (even if on paper it looks you have accomplished so much).  She will let you know if we should work or play together.  If I am, let's do this. 

Sending blessings for you to step into the highest iteration of yourself,